Electrical and Telecom

Substation Built from Powerful Experience

Golden Sands Transport Services LLC was established in 2001 as a Excellent Grade Limited Liability Company. Golden Sand is a licensed contractor for the Mazoon Electricity Distribution Company SAOC, Muscat Electricity and Distribution Company (SAOC), Majan Electricity Company (SAOC), which is also known as Distribution Code Review Panel (DCRP). The company is as well with the Tender Board of Oman.

Over the last 15 years, Golden Sand has gained a rich experience in executing and successfully completing various types of Thrust boring, Transport & Heavy Equipment hiring. Now we are started in field of electrical installation works for residential and commercial buildings, as well as construction of LT & HT up to 11KV over the underground (UG) and Over Head Line (OHL) transmission and distribution networks including 11 KV/440V substations

Connecting critical loads to the electrical grid and expanding the power systems infrastructure requires signicant planning and engineering to ensure a constant, reliable supply of power. Our comprehensive knowledge, extensive experience and continuous innovation enable us to provide optimized EPC substation solutions that help power plants to generate, cities to grow, industries to expand, schools to connect, and homes to be powered.

Substation components

  • Power transformers for stepping the voltage up and down
  • Instrument transformers for measuring the current or voltage
  • Switchgear and circuit breakers for interrupting rated and shortcircuit current

  • Ground switches for connecting parts of the substation to ground
  • Surge arrestors for protecting the switchgear from high overvoltages caused by lightning

  • Substation automation, control and protection systems for the electrical equipment in the substation

  • Power Distribution Centers (PDCs) and e-houses, housing the medium voltage switchgear and/or electrical control and protection systems