Vertical Drilling

We provide ground water to our customers by drilling a new well or repairing their existing wells, whether you are a farm, home, sub division, industry or municipality; our goal is to provide you with safe sanitary water that you can drink, cook, bath, use for irrigation or industrial use.

To meet the needs of our customers we provide the following services.
  1. Well drilling from 4” to 30” diameter
  2. Supply and install casing and screen MS/PVC
  3. Supply and install submersible pumps
  4. Well service and repair
  5. Well Rehabilitation
  6. Water Conditioning
  7. Pump test constant discharge, step draw down and recovery

GSTS Water Well Drilling department currently pride ourselves in being one of very few Sultanate of Oman water well drilling companies. Our drilling rigs are modern and very well equipped capable of drilling water wells. Our crews and sta_ are very experienced & very well trained. Combining our superior and qualified management and manpower enables us to present to our clients superior and quality services.

Water Well Drilling

Pole Hole/Earth Hole/ Stay Hole Drilling:

Technical Specifications capacity 150 MM to 1500 MM Dia bore holes to a depth, as per requirement, prime mover suitable deck engine to power the hydraulics work method down the hole drilling.

Earth Hole Drilling

Pole Hole Drilling

Stay Hole Drilling